Friday, May 17, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

Last week I went in to Matas, just to look around, and I saw they had the new Rimmel lipgloss 'Apocalips'. When I took a closer look I also saw they were for intro price right now, so I had no choice but to buy one. And I want to tell you how I liked it and if I would recommend it to you guys!

I think the tube looks really good I like the diamond-ish top and then you can see the color in the bottom, mine is a hot pink one called 'Apocaliptic' (I have a weakness for that color when it comes to the lips)

And this is how it looks on, I really like the color pay off. It's very pigmented, easy to apply, and stays on really really well.
I wore this lipgloss for several hours, ate and drank and the lip gloss on the bottom lip wore off, I reapplied once during the whole day. AND it's not drying on the lips, it feels very moisturizing and soft.
I would definitely recommend this to you guys :) The only downside is that there are not so many colors to choose from, but I have one or two (or maybe three) others in mind that I would like.
So definitely go check them out! :)

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