Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday fun

Today my husband and I went with some friends to the mall and I picket some things up at Coolcos a danish make-up brand, and I want to show it here:

I got these things here and I am really excited to try them all out!!

The lipstick is really soft to put on and it feels like you'r not wearing anything on you lips, I am so happy about it!
I really love the bottle too, it feels really velvety and soft and then it has this little "window" on the top of the bottle, so that you can see wich color is inside, which is really smart especially if you have many of them!

I'm also really excited to try this eyeshadow and it came with this tiny little brush which is really cute.

Also I bought these nail strips from L'oréal and I'm suuuper excited to try them out, first I think my nails have to grow a bit longer first. But I will definitely show the outcome on the blog :)

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