Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall and Winter Lipsticks

Next on my fall and winter series are lipsticks.
Like with the nail polishes, in fall and winter it's all about the dark colors such as reds, purples and berries but with the holiday season coming up soon and christmas parties and what not the classic red is always a good pick.
I will be starting of with my purple and berry colors:

Maybelline Vivids '905 Brazen Berry'
Now even though the name says berry I think this lipstick is a true purple which is quite in style right now I really like this one for fall and winter. If you don't like straight up purple on your lips Maybelline Vivids also have a more wearable pinky purple color called '906 Hot Plum'.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense '08 Grandest Grape'
This is more of a berry color if you ask me. These intense chubby sticks from Clinique are so pigmented and soft you don't feel you're wearing anything on your lips at all, I really love the formula of these and definitely want to try some more of them! This berry color just screams fall to me!

Make Up Store 'Magic'
If you like really dark lips this time of the year this lipstick is something for you! It's a dark dark purple lipstick with some shimmer in it, but they are not chunky and you don't really think about them when it's on your lips. This lipstick is also very smooth and comfortable to have on the lips.

e.l.f. 'Rich Red'
Now we're on to the reds. This is a very pretty classic red, not to orange and not to blue toned, it's very in between and perfect for the holidays coming up. Because of it's stick form it's very easy to get a precise application without a lipliner. It's soft and moisturizing on the lips as well.

Dior Rogue Dior '999'
This one is also a very classic red but in some lights it leans a bit to the orange side. These lipsticks are very soft, moisturizing and shiny in the lips, so no need for another layer of gloss on top.

Make Up Store 'Devil'
Again we have a Make Up Store lipstick, this one is a beautiful dark red, again it feels really good on the lips and has a bit of shine too, so it doesn't dry out your lips. This one is pretty long lasting as well which is good if your going to a christmas party or dinner or something like that.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Amsterdam'
After I have talked about some different shiny and moisturizing lipsticks I have one for those who would like a matte finish. I personally love matte lipsticks. This one comes in a lipgloss tube. You put it on like a lipgloss but after a couple of minutes it dries completely matte. Now I think this one dries out your lips a little bit, but I don't think it's uncomfortable, and since it's matte it stays put for a loooong time which again is great for those dinners or parties you might go to.

So these were my lipstick picks for this fall and winter hopefully you found it interesting and maybe got some inspiration on what to buy.

Have a great day :)


  1. Wow awesome collections sweety

  2. That e.l.f. pencil looks great! Not that I need any more red lipsticks, but at $3 it's hard to pass up! Great post! xx

  3. Haha I know! But it's super affordable and great quality! :) Thank you! xx