Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall and Winter Nailpolishes

This week I am having a little series of my fall and winter picks of certain things and today we will be talking about nail polishes.
In the fall and winter time it's all about the dark vampy and red colors.
Starting off with my non O.P.I. picks:

e.l.f. 'Metal Madness'
This is a gorgeous dark grey color with lots of metallic glitters in it, it shines really beautifully and looks so pretty when the light hits it. Even though the quality of the polish is very thick and a bit hard to work with I wanted to include this one because of the beautiful color.
I have a manicure monday showing this nail polish pared with a matte top coat here, if you would like to see it in action.

Make Up Store 'Petra'
On the paper this looks like a light red leaning toward pink color but on the nails it would look like that after one coat, after two coats it's more of a dark red, perfect for the upcoming holidays!

O.P.I. 'Fly'
This is a dark turquoise color but great if you would like some color on your nails in stead of all these dark blues, purples, grays and so on. This gives a nice pop of color to your nails put it's still a dark color and appropriate for fall and winter.
I have a post showing this one in action as well here

O.P.I. ' Chocolate Moose'
Again this is a dark color but great if you would like something a bit more neutral on the nails. This is a really pretty chocolate color as the name suggests and goes with many things.
Also I have a manicure monday featuring this nail polish here.

O.P.I. 'Honk If You Love OPI'
Last but not least, I think this is one of my favorite out of them all. This is a really dark berry/purple color, it is really dark on the nails but you can still see that it's not just regular black polish. I really like this one for this time of the year!
And lastly I also have a post featuring this nail polish here.

So these were my nail polish picks and again I hope you found it interesting.

Have a great day!

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