Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whats on my phone

So yesterday I was watching some videos of the 'What's on my phone' tag and one girl had a really cool app where you can customize your other apps, it's called CocoPPa, it's free and it's genius! I downloaded it right away and started customizing my phone, and I want to show you how it looks now :)

Okay first you get a look at my locked background. I just recently got my iphone 5 so I'm not so good at this whole editing pictures and other stuff you can do with these smartphones, but yesterday I edited that picture and I'm pretty proud of myself ;)

And this is how the inside of my phone looks now, I loooove it, it's so cute!! :D It's really easy to use, so if you want to, just give it a shot, and your welcome to show me how the inside of your phone will look like :)

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