Friday, April 5, 2013


So my friend and I did a bit of shopping again today and I want to show you what I got :)
The first store we went to was Matas and these are the items I bought there:

I got a gel eyeliner from Maybelline, I haven't tried a gel eyeliner before, so I'm really excited to see how this will go, and it came with a little eyeliner pencil. Then I got a beautyfull nail polish from Sally Hansen that was on sale in the color Pacific Blue, and last I got a lip tint from Rimmel in the color Stay Very Berry. 

I already have a lip tint from Rimmel in the color Nothing But Nude, and it's very similar to my real lip color just darker which is great for everyday use, but I wanted to try one in a more festive color. The thing I really love with these lip tints is that they have a balm at the other end because lip tints and stains are very drying for the lips so the balm gives really good moisture.

A little review of the Pacific Blue nail polish, love it! ;)

And the claw :O ;)

Then we went to Coolcos... Again... ;) And I only got two things this time:

An eyeshadow stick in a brown/bronze color with gold shimmer, really beautyfull and smooth to apply, and then a lip liner for my lipstick from Coolcos that I bought the other day :)

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