Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Favorites

It's that time of the month where I will tell you about the things I've loved for the month of june.
It's not as many things as usually but they are really good things!

On my face I only have lip products to show you. The lipsticks are Maybelline Vivid in the color 'Shocking coral', Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color 'Amsterdam' and last but my most worn of the three is Rimmel Apocalips in the color 'Stellar'. I don't think I've used a lip product as many days in a row as I've been using the Rimmel Apocalips last month. The color is perfect for this time of the year and I've just been loving it!

On my nails I've been loving a neutral nail polish and then using L'Oréal Top Coat Confetti on my ring finger nail. Also I've been using Essies 'Boom Boom Room' and again I haven't re-painted my nails the same color as often in a row as I have with the Essie one last month.

In the beginning of last month I was having really bad skin days and I started to use the Body Shop Cleansing Gel Oil with the Refreshing Toner. I used it morning and night for a week and my skin was clearly better so I've been trying to use this morning and night (I get pretty lazy with these kind of things) and my skin has been really good. Also from Body Shop I got this Strawberry Fragrance as a gift and it has been such an nice scent for summer.

The Super 88 hair mask and my tangle teezer have been making my hair super soft and lovely the last month. I use the Super 88 hair mask once a week and it has made my split ends looking much better and just my entire hair really soft!

My new jewelry piece has definitely been my favorite last month!

And for the warmer days last month I have been loving my mid length dress from H&M!

So these have been my favorites I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

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