Saturday, August 3, 2013

July favorites

Once again it's the time of the month where I will be talking about my favorite things for the last month, the time just flies by!

Nails: For my nails I've been loving plain white nail polish for the summer time and O.P.I. 'Alpine Snow' is a great and opaque one. Also I've been really loving painting an accent nail with this glittery nail polish from h&m

Lips: You'll probably be tired of hearing me talk about these but I have to mention them one more time and it's the Maybelline Vivid lipsticks in the color '912 Electric Orange' and '906 Hot Plum'. These lipsticks are just soo smooth and opaque, they really feel like you're wearing nothing on your lips, and the staying power of these lipstick is really good as well! And also I've been loving my MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo and I've already worn it on several occasions

Eyes: Make Up Stores Microshadows in the color 'Sepia' and 'Casual' have been a staple of mine this month. I've been loving the burnt orange for my lid and blending it out with Casual, which is a matte mid-brown color. Casual is just the perfect transition color for me and works really well for blending other colors. I've been using Casual probably every single day for the last three weeks since I bought it

Brushes: And last but not least these have been my three most used brushes this month. I've been wearing a lot of eye makeup, which I usually don't do, but every day when I've been wearing eyeshadow I've been using these three brushes. First it's the Sigma E55 that I use to pack the eyeshadow on my lid, then I use the E40 brush to blend the edges with my transition color and lastly I use the E30 for my inner corner and lover lash line. I absolutely looove these three brushes!

That's all for this month. It hasn't been a crazy makeup month for me where I've tried many new things, but these things mentioned I've definitely been loving a lot

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