Thursday, December 19, 2013

MOTD : laura mercier portable palette to-go

Laura Mercier palette Link

I wanted to share a recent purchase of mine with you guys.
About a month ago I bought the Laura Mercier Color-to-go Portable Palette For Eyes, Cheeks and Lips, feeew that's a long name! And I bought mine in the color 'Natural Nudes'.
A few days later I also bought the much hyped about Nars Yachiyo Brush 27 here.

And I wanted quickly to let you know my thoughts on these two purchases.

First up is the palette, it is all I'm wearing on my eyes, cheeks and lips on the picture above. Now I think the concept is brilliant, eyeshadows, bronzer, blush and a lipgloss all in one small compact palette. It is absolutely perfect to take with you if you're traveling. The pigmentation in this palette is great and the eyeshadows are soft and blend easily. And I absolutely love the lipgloss, it's a pretty nude peach color with lots of gloss and a little shimmer. It smells divine and is not sticky at all!
So as you probably can read I really love this palette. I'm very happy I bought it and have been using it a lot! I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a great natural and compact palette to take with you on travels.

Now the brush I had heard a lot about and just the design of it really got my attention, I think it looks really sleek and different from other brushes!
I heard it was supposed to pick up just the right amount of blush so that you would not apply to much with this brush. Now I've only used it a couple of times and I think it picks up pretty much product, so I usually have to tap it off very well before applying. But it gives you really great control of where you put your blush, which I really love about it.
It's very lightweight but the bristles are not very soft. I washed it once before I started using it and they got a bit softer, but it is not at all as soft as the other brushes I own. But I still prefer this one over others I have for blush!
I heard many say that when they used it they ended up with the bristles all over their face, but mine has maybe shed two hairs and nothing more than that!
All in all I really like this brush and even though it's not very soft it is definitely my favorite for blush!

Have a great day!

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