Thursday, August 28, 2014

M2 Lashes

About three months ago I starting using an eyelash activating serum. A serum for my eyelashes that would make them long and full. I've always found it hard to believe these products and never thought they actually worked.
But after seeing a girl with these beautiful long lashes and telling me that it was all thanks to this serum, I thought I would give it a try.

Before starting with M2 Lashes

After 6 weeks

After 10 weeks

And now (after 16 weeks)

Comparison before and after without mascara

Comparison before and after with mascara

Now this is not a cheap serum, so that's why I would never have bought if I hadn't seen this girls beautiful lashes.
And since I've always wished for longer and fuller lashes (probably like most girls) and seriously considered eyelash extensions I thought I would give this a go first.

And now I don't feel the need to get eyelash extensions as I'm very happy with the result from my M2 Lashes Eyelash Activating Serum.

When I started using the serum it took about 5-6 weeks before I really started seeing any results, and as you can tell from the picture there is a slight difference after 6 weeks. But then from 6 to 10 weeks there was the biggest difference. And after 10 weeks I didn't notice my eyelashes getting much longer, but they did get darker and fuller.

I use this serum every night after I've washed all my makeup off and I haven't missed one night. I still use it and plan on doing so.
But I'm thinking about stopping using it on my lower lashes that I feel have gotten pretty long and are quite difficult to put mascara on now without hitting the skin. So I might only use it on the top lashes and see what happens to the lower ones when I stop.

As mentioned this is a bit of an investment, but one bottle will last you almost a year and seeing the results it gives I really feel it has been worth it. I'm much happier for my eyelashes now and putting on mascara in the morning is now my favorite thing, it definitely wasn't before.

So now you know, they really do work and I do recommend this one if you've been thinking about trying one!

Thank you for reading and have a great day! xo

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