Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Makeup Bag

A little sneak peek into my makeup bag and all the things I like to carry around with me.
I don't touch up a lot during the day but I still like the security of having things with me in case I should need them, but isn't that just how us girls work?

First of all and the thing I probably use the most in my makeup bag is my touch up powder from Chanel. This is a beautiful powder that doesn't give your face a cakey look when you touch up throughout the day. And with that I have my Leona Lewis designed kabuki brush from The Body Shop. Also I like to carry a lip balm the current one is also from The Body Shop and also I like to keep a moisturizing lipgloss like the Clarins Instant Light ones. Then I have my Caudalie hand cream since my hands always are a bit dry and a little sample size of a Clinique face cream. Another thing that I like to keep for touch ups is my Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick Concealer, my travalo that I've talked about here and lastly a nail file and my retractable lip brush from Dior that comes with a nice little pouch and since it is retractable it's great to have in my handbag for when I'm wearing bolder lip colors.

So those are the things I like to carry around, I don't think it's to much and I often find my self reaching for them so they serve a purpose in my handbag.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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