Friday, September 12, 2014

Most Used Brushes - Eyes

Since we've talked about my most used face brushes I thought I would show you my most used eye brushes as well. Starting on from the top.

Is your best friend when it comes to blending. Everyone needs this brush in their life. It's big, fluffy and soft and will easily blend all edges for you.

This one is great for light dusting of shadows on the lid and blending the edges as you go, or deepening the outer V of the eye, or deepening the crease if your going for a smoking eye. This one also helps blend the eyeshadows as you go. Also a brush everyone should have in their collection!

This one I love using for my brow bone eyeshadow and it also helps blend the edges as well.

As the name says I love using this for my eyeshadow on the lid. It really packs all the pigment on and is big enough so it's quick and easy. Now this one is pretty expensive but Sigma do a similar one Sigma Eye Shading Brush - E55 which is also really great at getting the pigment of a shadow on to the lid.

This one I always use for my inner corner highlight. It has the perfect shape for getting into the inner corner and brighten them up.

This is a really soft pencil brush and I really like using this to buff eyeshadow under my eye as it's soft and not scratchy to use there and it also blends the color out really nice.

Lately I've been using eyeliner pencils in stead of liquid or gel eyeliner, and to smudge them out I've been using this brush. It's small enough so it doesn't smear the pencil all over the lid and just helps blend the edges nicely so it doesn't look too harsh. It's a really great brush for just that!

So those were my favorite eye brushes of the moment. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading. xo

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