Monday, November 10, 2014

Galaxy Nails

This nail polish combo is one I've been wearing a lot lately, I just love the galaxy look of it every time I look at my nails.
It is a combo of two nail polishes, the first one is the e.l.f. 'Metal Madness' nail polish, which I don't know if they're continuing but it's in their last chance to buy section. This is a beautiful dark grey with tiny specks of silver, blue, green shimmers to it. The only reason I keep this nail polish is for it's beautiful color, the formula is terrible, it's really thick and makes it hard to apply nicely, now this is the only one I've tried from e.l.f. so the other colors might be better.
And on top I have the h&m 'Jo is in the House' nail polish that I also mentioned here. I can't find it online, but have seen it not to long ago in stores.

I really like the combination of these two!

Thank you for reading and have a great day. xo

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