Thursday, November 13, 2014

MOTD : red lips

This is the season to whip out the red lipsticks and dust them off. There is just something special about red lipstick this time of year. It probably has something to do with christmas being just around the corner and everyone is excited.
This year I have a new addition to the red category of lip products and it's my first classic red lip liner ever. I talked about it here and it's Bobbi Brown lip liner in Red which is just a universal red that goes with almost every red lip color you own, but will just help you create a crisp line around the lips and helping your lipstick from feathering and lasting longer as well.

A lipstick that I go back to every year is this beautiful one from Diors newer Rouge Dior lipstick line, they are really moisturizing a bit glossy and feel really good on the lips as well. And the one I have is in the color 999 which is a classic red, not too blue toned and not orange toned at all.

Thank you for reading and have a great day! xo

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