Friday, April 17, 2015

Dior Rouge Dior

Over the last year or so I've developed a love for the Dior Rouge Dior lipsticks. And when they reformulated their lipsticks I decided to try some. I have a collection of 4 right now, but who knows it might expand at any time.
The lipsticks are super pigmented, creamy, not drying at all, and the lasting power is better then you would think given the moisturizing formula.

Dior Rouge Dior lipstick 'Mazette 028' - Is a beautiful coral color that is perfect for the spring summer months but it's not too bright.

Dior Rouge Dior lipstick 'Pink Baiser 361' - Is the perfect every day dusty rose, it's a great color for every day use all year around.

Dior Rouge Dior lipstick 'Trafalgar 844' - Is the kind of red I love wearing in the spring and summer, it's a brighter red/orange.

Dior Rouge Dior lipstick '999' - Is the perfect dark red color all year around, especially in winter and the holidays.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found it helpfull. Have a great day!

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