Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cupcake nail polish

My husband and I went a trip down Strøget in the good weather earlier this week and of course I wanted to take a look in Sephora, where I found some really cool nail polishes from Nails Inc. that I think are peeeerfect for summer and it looks kind of like cupcake topping!!
You saw my nails from my post yesterday and now I want to show you how I got the look :)

This is how it went down:

First I put two coats of a peachy pink nail polish and then one coat of the other nail polish that has small blue and yellow strips in it.
I think the bottles are so cute! You can of course choose any color you like for the base but I wanted to go with something that clashed with the other nail polish.. :)

Jeeeey, I'm probably going to be using this a lot in spring and summer!!