Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY : Brush Holder

Today I want to show you how you can make your own super cute brush holder. This makes it super easy to reach for your brushes and you have a clear overview of the brushes you have.

This is what it looks like

All you need is an empty jar, some beads, ribbon, glue and a scissor

I bought these see-through beads at Føtex

My empty jar used to be a candle from Ikea, and it's just like the one in the background

The ribbon I have is a beautiful blue satin ribbon from Panduro Hobby

My scissor is from Søstrene Grene and I think it's so cute, and super glue from Føtex

Then you just pore all the beads in the jar, but be carefull they tend to jump all around!

Then put some glue on the ribbon and hold it tight on the jar for a couple of seconds

And tie a cute little bow (or big your choice)

Put all your brushes in and your done! Now you have a super cute and decorative brush holder :)

Mine is pretty full with brushes so if I buy any new ones they will probably not fit in here, but luckily the candle in the background is soon finished and I can make a matching one for my future brushes ;)

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