Friday, May 31, 2013

May Favorites

As I did last month I want to show you the things I've been loving this month.
Again we'll start with beauty

Starting with eyes I've been loving the Clump Defy mascara and Diamond Glow eyeshadow pallet from Maybelline. I've also been loving my eyeshadow primer from Make Up Store and together with the Matte Eyeshadow from e.l.f. in a nude color my eyeliner stays in place all day and it really looks like I just applied it!
Also I've been using the concealer stick from the Body Shop for under my waterline, which really brightens up my eyes and makes me look wide awake, it makes a huge different, I definitely recommend it!

For lips I've been loving Clarins lipgloss for everyday use, it's so soft and moisturizing.
And for going out I really like my two new lip products the first one is a Matte Lip Color from e.l.f. in the color 'Rich Red'
(this will be in my giveaway) and Apocalips from Rimmel in the color 'Apocaliptic'

For my face I've been loving the Nude Magique BB Powder from L'Oréal, it's translucent and keeps your skin matte and smooth all day, blush from e.l.f in the color 'Joy', which is just a really nice subdued pink with a little bit of shimmer
(this will also be in my giveaway) and this really nice shimmery bronzer from MaxFactor which is really perfect for summer

This month I've been coloring my nails with the Sally Hansen 'Mellow Yellow' nail polish which is a really nice pastel yellow and again this month it's Nails Inc. 'St. James Park' and last but NOT least the Matte Top Coat from L'Oréal

For moisture the Pomme Granate hand lotion I bought at Netto has been great and used a lot this month and also Purely Pampering Body Cream from Dove

This month I've been applying this Hairdo! Argain Oil serum to the ends of my hair and my hair has been so nice and smooth

The jewelry this month has mostly been dainty small pieces like this bracelet and wing earrings from Julie Sandlau, Ring from Aagaard and these cute black earrings that were a gift to me from my wunderfull husband

One of my favorit items to wear this month has been this white oversized tank top from h&m. It just goes with everything and is so smooth and light weight to have on, it's been perfect now the weather has been warmer

Every spring and summer I get so excited to bust all my ballerina shoes out of the closet again. I absolutely love ballerinas
I just thing they are so flattering for your feet. If they're comfortable to wear that is!
Here are some of my favs. Green and black ones are from h&m, nude/black ones from and grey/nittet ones I bough in Málaga

Now on to my random favorits I have three things and the first two are this cute little make-up bag from Lisbeth Dahl, I never carry much make-up with me so this one is perfect for me and my water bottle with owls from Søstrene Grene that I bring with me every day to school

The last random favorit is this book 'Sold'. It is such an amazing story and the book just captivated me and I think I read like 100 pages in one afternoon. This is also my favorite buy of the month

And these were all my favorite this month I hope it inspired or helped you if you were wondering on some things to buy or something :)

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  1. Love the pastel colors in summertime...and the pink'ish lipstick is luch! Need one of those :-*