Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ombre lips

When I was scrolling down facebook a couple of days ago I saw this really cool picture of a girl with ombre lips, it looked so pretty. So I wanted to try it out and here you have the results

In the comment section she wrote that it was easier to use a lip brush to apply the lipstick with, to get better precision. So here I'm using a lip brush from The Body Shop

And with my lip brush I applied a dark red lipstick from Make Up Store in the color 'Devil'. And I applied it to the edge and around my lips, leaving the middle of my lips bare

Then I took a lipstick from The Body Shop in the color 66, which is a peach color with shimmer, and applied it to the part of my lips that were bare and to this I just used the lipstick and not the lip brush.
And finished it with rolling my lips together to blend the colors
And this was the result:

I love it! So I had to try some other combinations and show it to you!!

Using a lipstick from Make Up Store 'Mandy' and the same one from The Body Shop

Here I used Make Up Store 'Devil' and Barry M '52' or ' 132' not sure

And this is my favorite one

Make Up Store 'Magic' and Barry M

There are endless combinations of lipstick colors you can put together to get this cool effect, and if you choose to try it you are more then welcome to send me some pictures of your results and which colors you chose!

Lastly I just want to talk about this lip brush. Doing this post today was actually the first time I used a lip brush to apply lip stick with, I have owned this lip brush for many years but have never used it before. BUT why has no one ever told me before how easy it is to use a lip brush???!
It made it SOO much easier to line my lips and the lip stick just looks so much more natural on the lips when you apply it with a brush! I will definitely be using this brush in the future to apply my lipsticks. If you're in a hurry it might not be the smartest thing, because it takes longer time, but if you have the time, I definitely recommend using a brush to apply with!
Also the lip brush can replace the lip liner, there is no need to use a lip liner when the brush lines your lips just perfectly and I'm happy I discovered it before I went out and bought lip liners to all my lipstick, which I've been thinking about doing. NOW I will just use my lip brush in stead!

Sorry for the long text, but I just wanted to share this with you ;)

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