Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I have a nail tutorial for you guys today. It's a cute heart tutorial, hope you like it :)

Here are the things you'll need: a good hand and nail lotion, base and top coat and a dotting tool with a large dotter (or whatever it's called)

And two nail polishes, any colors you like work for this tutorial. I chose a nude and a pink nail polish

Then I applied two coats of nail polish, I chose to make my ring finger a bit different

Then you make two dots in the middle of the nail, the dots should touch each other like on the picture. Then you drag each dot in to the middle forming a V shape

And you have small heart on you nails, too cute!!

And remember practice makes perfect! So don't sweat if the hearts don't get perfect the first time you try it. My hearts aren't perfect either ;)

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