Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Makeup Organization

Even though my birthday isn't until next week my wonderful husband surprised me earlier this week with two birthday presents, one from MAC and one from Bahne

And this was inside. An acrylic makeup organizer and the Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC. The makeup organizer I had talked about a lot because I really needed a new and better way to store my makeup. But the lipstick I've wanted for a while, but hadn't actually talked about it, so this one really surprised me. And I'm sooooo happy for both my gifts!!!

As you can see my makeup organization wasn't too good. I had some acrylic containers from Ikea where I stored most of my makeup, an empty candle jar also from Ikea where I stored lip glosses I couldn't fit elsewhere and then some things I couldn't fit anywhere

And this is what my makeup organization looks like now. I'm so happy for it, it's organized and easy to find everything and I have a much better overview of the things I own now!

In the bottom drawer I store all my face products, BB creams, concealer, eyebrow kit, powders, bronzers, blushes and a highlight

In the middle drawer I have all my eye products as you can see I like Make Up Store a lot ;)

And in the top drawer which is my favorite one I store all my lipsticks and lipglosses

And this is me happy about my new and first ever Mac lipstick in the iconic and classic color Ruby Woo

Sending ya'll lots of kisses :*

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