Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clean and condition your brushes

This is something I can be very lazy with but it is very very important!
If you don't clean your brushes regularly oil, old makeup, bacteria and other stuff are stuck in your brush and when you apply makeup you brush all these things back on your face. Therefore it can also cause pimples and so on.
Today I will show you how I deep clean and also condition my brushes to keep them sanitized and smooth and this will also help your brushes last longer.

All you need is a plate, a sanitizing soap, olive oil, some tissue and dirty brushes

Then you put a bit of soap on one side and olive oil on the other and I folded the tissue in two and laid it beside the plaid so I can lay my brushes there

Then you swirl your brush in the mixture of soap and olive oil so a little of both gets on the bristles

Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand so the soap works all the dirt out and the olive oil can condition all the bristles

And then you rinse your brush under lukewarm water again swirling the brush in your palm until no more makeup comes running out of your brush

I like to squeeze the water out of the brush and form the bristles the way they were before

An important reminder is to always wash your brushes downwards! If you wash your brushes upwards agains the water, it can ruin the glue that holds the brush together, so always wash them downwards!

And now I have laid all my brushes on a new folded tissue and they are ready to dry all nice and clean and soft

This is very good to do once a week with the brushes you use everyday, but if you can be a bit lazy with this like me, it's good to give all your brushes a good deep clean and condition every other or third week :)

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