Monday, August 26, 2013

Manicure Monday #15

This weeks manicure monday is a little bit different then the other ones I've made.
Today I will show my top 5 most used nail polishes. This will also give you a good impression of the nail polishes I've shown most love, since they are the ones I've used the most

Starting from the left with my pinky we have a nail polish from Make Up Store called 'Petra' and it's a dark red color that is perfect for fall and winter. I have used this a lot paired with a dark red lipstick in the winter time

On my ring finger we again have a nail polish from Make Up Store and this one is called 'William' and it's a beautiful mint color and I love this color especially for spring and summer

On my middle finger we have my favorite out of the five and the one that has been used the most. It's from OPI and called 'Samoan Sand'. It's a really light nude color that is almost the same color as my skin. I love this color for when I don't know what to wear on my nails or don't feel like wearing anything too bright and I love this color all year around

On my pointer finger we have one of my first OPI nail polishes and I used it a lot when I had just bought it, but recently haven't used it as much, but it's still a beautiful color. It's a light orange with golden shimmer in it and looks so beautiful on tanned skin

Last but not least we have on my thumb again a nail polish from OPI in the color 'Alpine Snow' which is just a basic white. I had this for a long time in my collection without ever using it. But this spring and summer white nails have been very popular so I have used this a lot these past months. But this is also a color that can be worn all year around

OPI is obviously my favorite nail polish brand. They have so many colors and the brush is wide and super easy to use, they are also the nail polishes that last the longest on my nails. They are a bit pricey if you buy them at Sephora or Matas.
But do not worry I have a website for you that ships worldwide with free delivery and sells the OPI nail polishes cheaper!!

And another link with the nail polish that is next on my wish list to buy

I really want a light pink color and I think this one will be perfect. I don't own many pink nail polishes so this will be perfect for me to start of with.

Have a great day everyone!

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