Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Highlight Combo

Laura Mercier Highlight 'Spellbound' here and Sigma Tapered Highlighter - F35 here

Believe it or not this is actually the first highlighter I have ever bought.
I was for a long time a bit frightened by the thought of putting glitter on the tops of my cheeks down my nose and so on. But I thought I should give it a go, so I started looking around the internet and searching good highlighters and reviews and I randomly stumbled upon this beautiful highlight that I had never seen before from Laura Mercier that I have heard so many good things about in the beauty world. It is limited edition and from the fall 2013 collection called 'Dark Spell'. So I searched reviews on google and youtube on this highlight and I read nothing but good things about it.
Now it is pretty expensive but when you think about how little you actually use this will last you many years and be worth every penny. I also think it is a good idea to invest in a good highlight in stead of buying many cheap ones that aren't as great.

I have now tried it out for about a week and I love it! It is nothing like putting glitter on your cheekbones as I was afraid of it just gives you such an beautiful and healthy glow to your cheeks, I'm obsessed, I want to wear it everyday and I am so happy I chose to splurge on it!

To go with it I also bought the Sigma Tapered Highlighter - F35 and it makes application precise, easy, quick and natural. So even though this is my first highlighter and highlighting brush this is definitely a new stable in my morning makeup routine. I really like the healthy and glowing look it gives.

I definitely recommend checking these two out if you have been thinking about a new highlighter or starting to use highlight and as I mentioned it is limited edition so I suggest you move fast if you would like to try this one.

Have a great day!

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