Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eyeshadows : make up store

For some years I have accumulated quit some eyeshadows from Make Up Store, they just have so many beautiful colors I can't help myself.
So I thought it was about time I invested in this palette from Make Up Store so I could spare some room in my makeup drawer and collect them all together in this compact palette. It also makes it easier to see exactly what colors I have and will remind me to use them more often and play more with my eyeshadows.
When I decided to finally buy the palette I had seven eyeshadows, and this palette stores eight, so what better excuse to buy one more. So I chose the second from the left on the top row, as you can see it has never been used yet, but it's a color I swatched every time I was in Make Up store.

The colors I have in my palette are, from the left on the top row:

Sun Breeze (shimmery)
Cashewnut (shimmery)
Casual (matte)
Xocoatl (shimmery)

From the left on the bottom row:

Nox (satin)
Sepia (shimmery)
City Jungle (satin)
Khaki Gold (shimmery)

Now wether these eyeshadows are shimmery or satin are just my guesses it doesn't say anything on the eyeshadow about that, but the one I have that is matte I know is matte ;)

I'm really glad I bought this palette I love my Make Up Store eyeshadows, they are creamy, pigmented and blend really nice and seamlessly and they don't have a lot of fall out, what more can you wish from an eyeshadow. If you have been thinking about it I definitely recommend to go and take a look at them if you can find a Make Up Store close to you. As I said, they have so many beautiful matte and shimmery/satin colors, I wouldn't mind buy some more!

I hope you found this interesting and have a great day!

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