Friday, November 22, 2013

OOTD : new coat

// coat - Zara here // beanie - Guðrun&Guðrun here //

I have been searching shops and websites for a new winter coat the past months and just not found anything that I really like. I've found many that were pretty but just not the one for me. Well that was until I was scrolling down the coat section on Zara's website to see if there was anything I liked and all of a sudden I saw the coat I'm wearing on the pictures above.

I loved it right at that moment but was very hesitant to buy it straight away, because what you see on the internet isn't always what you get and since it isn't exactly cheap I didn't just want to buy it without being sure.

Then I stumbled upon this coat in their shop some days later, tried it on and bought it right away! It was destiny ;)
The quality is great, it's just as nice as on the pictures. I'm so happy I finally found one I love!

Have a great day!

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