Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brush Cleaning Egg

As I mentioned in my December Favorites I wanted to show you guys have I use my Brush Cleaning Egg. This has helped me a lot when washing my brushes, as it's a lot quicker, the brushes get more deep cleaned and my hands don't get all wrinckly and dry as they used to when cleaning brushes. I used to dread washing them, but now I actually think it's kind off fun.

You can buy the brush cleaner on ebay, it's super affordable and I really think you should try it!

Step 1:
I wet my brush under running water. Remember always to turn the brush upside down, if water comes up the barrel, it can loosen the glue, and the bristles will fall out a lot quicker.

Step 2:
I swirl my brush in the Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid, this is by far the best soap for brushes and the Beauty Blender I have ever found!

Step 3:
I quickly run some water on the brush cleaner.

Step 4:
Then I swirl my brush on the ridges making the soap foam up a bit.

Step 5:
While I'm swearling the brush on the ridges I run some luke warm water on the brush, washing all the soap away.

For my eye brushes I use the small dots on the tip off the brush cleaner. I find they make it a lot easier to clean the smaller brushes and the ridges help with face or other bigger brushes.

That is how I clean my brushes, it's super quick and easy.
I hope you found this interesting and helpfull!

Thank you for reading and have a great day! xo

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