Monday, March 23, 2015

Nails : caviar and pearls

I saw a manicure similar to this on Instagram a couple of days ago and I just thought it looked so cute and simple at the same time, that I wanted to recreate it but put my own twist to it.

For a base color I used O.P.I. 'Samoan Sand' one of my all time favorite nude polishes, it only takes two coats to be completely opaque and is a great nude for my skin tone.

Then I used the nail art pearls from ebay that I've mentioned here and Ciaté Caviar Metallic Pearls in 'Silver' that I got in my mini mani christmas calendar two years ago.

This manicure was quick and easy to do, as I only did my ring fingers differently, and I think it looks really cute. You could also do all nails the same way or only do the ring finger. The choice is yours have fun with it!

For picking up the pearls and placing them exactly on the right spot I used my Nail Art Wax Pencils that are an absolute must if you want to get into decorating your nails. They are super affordable and I highly recommend them! They have made my life so much easier and made nail art much more fun and easy to do.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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